Want to take a new step in fulfilling your pledge to end racism? Need a refresher on what it means to facilitate a small group in the workshop? Curious about the changes we’ve made to the curriculum in the past couple of years? Need a boost to re-engage with the Pledge?

We are holding a training session on April 2, 2023 from 1:00-2:30pm at First Unitarian Universalist Church. It is intended for both those who haven’t facilitated small groups in a while but would like to re-engage, as well as those for whom facilitating will be a new experience. The only prerequisite is that you have completed the twelve-hour Living the Pledge workshop.

We will provide box lunches in advance of the training (please indicate you would like one when you register). The training will include:

  • a brief overview of the modules, highlighting what has changed since we last offered the workshop in-person
  • our philosophy around small group facilitation and your role in participants’ learning
  • opportunities for experienced facilitators to share some of what has worked (and hasn’t worked) for them
  • dialogue around scenarios that have come up in past small groups and how one might approach them (e.g. one individual who dominates the conversation).

In making small group assignments for a workshop, we pair an inexperienced/newly trained facilitator with someone more experienced, as we believe the best way to learn and grow your confidence is on-the-job training. You already have the commitment to end racism; this facilitator training will simply allow you to further develop your skills and confidence.

Our next Living the Pledge workshop will be offered April 15 & 29, 2023 (in-person!!), and we hope that many who attend this facilitator training will be available to facilitate (in-person!) at this workshop. If you can’t make it to the training but are able to facilitate the April 15 & 29 workshop, please let us know using the same link above.

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