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Plus our most frequently asked questions (and their answers).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pledge to End Racism Movement is more than a signature on a page. It’s a living, breathing process to help all of us become better equipped to talk about race and racism and take action to end systemic racism. There are various ways someone could get involved with this anti- racism movement. Here are a few ideas.

The easiest answer is “it depends.” We suggest you reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator (use the form on this page) to learn about how other groups are using the Pledge in their anti-racism work and discuss ideas for your group. You might also take a look at our Richmond Community Partnership guide.

The Living the Pledge Workshop is a 12-hour workshop designed to give participants confidence in their ability to talk about and confront racism wherever it lives.   Currently, it is offered as a 6-week series via Zoom. Learn about our next offering or add your name to our waitlist to get notified when our next workshop will be offered.

If you do not live in the Greater Richmond, VA, area and are interested in the Pledge to End Racism, visit our National Pledge to End Racism Initiative website for information about how you can bring the Pledge to End Racism to your community.

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Would you like more information about the Richmond Pledge? Please reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator using the form below!