Some people who sign the Richmond Pledge are already active anti-racists who regularly explore the role of racism in their own life, help others understand how racism impacts them, and work to dismantle systemic racism. So why is it important for them to participate in another training? Here are three reasons to participate:

  1. The Living the Pledge workshop is based on a small group model where people engage one-on-one in heartfelt conversations about race, ethnicity, and racism. If you’re an active anti-racist, your journey is important for others to hear and the stories of people at earlier stages in the journey might remind you of important things you’ve forgotten along the way to help you stay committed to your path.
  2. In order to build a network of people in the greater Richmond area committed to ending racism, relationships are essential. The Living the Pledge workshop is all about building relationships with others who are as committed as you are.
  3. Living the Pledge is a leadership development model. Our goal is to train a team of people to conduct Living the Pledge workshops throughout the city. We need people who have intercultural competence, are knowledgeable about systemic racism, and have fabulous facilitation skills to lead small groups and, eventually, organize their own workshops. The first step is to participate in a workshop yourself.

We’ll be announcing new workshops dates soon. We hope that no matter where you are on your personal journey, you’ll join us in Living the Richmond Pledge.

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