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Welcome to the Richmond Pledge to end racism!

The Richmond Pledge to End Racism is a personal pledge based on the Birmingham Pledge "To eliminate racism and prejudice, all over the world, one person at a time." And it’s more than that, because a personal pledge cannot stop there. One person cannot dismantled systemic and institutional racism by themselves. They must do it in concert with other committed people. The Richmond Pledge to End Racism is a community-wide effort to address racism in all its forms. Its goal is to develop confidence and competence in identifying and addressing issues of racism wherever it lives.  

The Richmond Pledge

ABOUT THE RICHMOND PLEDGE TO END RACISM As part of its response to issues brought to light in 2014 of the inequity of treatment of African Americans by the criminal justice system, members and friends of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond held numerous discussions about what they could do to address these issues in
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Help to end racism one person at a time!

The Birmingham Pledge is a grassroots effort, developed in Birmingham, Alabama, to recognize the worth of every individual, by making a personal, daily commitment to remove prejudice from our own lives and to treat all people with dignity and respect. As citizens of the Greater Richmond area, we have an opportunity to commit ourselves to
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