Workshop Resources

The following materials are referenced in the Living the Pledge workshop. Participants are asked to read and complete them prior to the module in which they are planned. If your workshop is planned as a two-day experience, complete Modules 1, 2, and 3 for the first day and Modules 4, 5, and 6 for the second day.  You can expect to spend two to three hours preparing for the workshop.

Module 2: Pledging to Recognize and Confront Bias

Implicit Bias

TAKE: Implicit Association Test (Online test) Click "I wish to proceed" at the bottom of the page and then scroll down to the Race test. You can choose to take others if you want, but at least take that one. Print your results when you're finished so you have them to bring to class. After you take the test: WATCH: Dateline episode: Implicit Association Test (Video 10:19)
Module 3: Speaking Up against Microaggressions

Cover of Speak UP! handbook from Southern Poverty Law Center

READ: Racial Microaggressions (PDF)  Note: this articles starts as a heavy academic read, but has some excellent examples as you move through the article.

READ: Speak Up Handbook (PDF)

READ: Speak-up Six Steps Tips (PDF)

Module 4: Structural and Institutional Racism

READ and REFLECT: Living the Pledge Reader on Whiteness (PDF)

A History: The Construction of Race and RacismREAD: A History The Construction of Race and Racism (PDF)

OPTIONAL: Dismantling Racism - A Resource Book for Social Change Groups (PDF) (includes A History: the Construction of Race and Racism)

OPTIONAL:  A Brief History of Jim Crow Laws - Various Links from the University of Southern California

Facilitators & Leaders

For Small Group Facilitators

READ:  Talking About Race Notebook(PDF)

For Leaders

Explicit and Implicit Bias (PowerPoint)