Southern Region Chalice Lighters

We’re thrilled to have been selected as the first regional Chalice Lighters call in the Unitarian Universalist Association Southern Region to support extending the Pledge to End Racism program from First UU Church of Richmond to interested congregations in the Southern Region.

Read the Pledge to End Racism Chalice Lighters 1st Annual Report- Jan 2018

The Pledge to End Racism program is designed using a leadership development model so participants gain skills and develop competence in not only talking about racism, but in facilitating discussions about race, and then working together to organize Living the Pledge workshops for people throughout their community. Instead of just talking about racism, this program develops knowledgeable, passionate leaders who can do something to address it. The Pledge strengthens local antiracism efforts, brings congregations together with other faith communities with like commitments, and creates tUUA Southern Region mapeams of people involved on the local level in making change in their own communities.

With generous donations from Southern Region Chalice Lighters, the Pledge to End Racism organizers are available to provide, at minimal cost, curriculum and consultation to twenty (20) or more congregations in organizing the Pledge to End Racism programs for their communities. This includes all the materials to develop Living the Pledge to End Racism workshops, select and train small group facilitators, and promote the program in your congregation and to your larger community – all with the goal of building a community-wide movement to end racism.

By spreading the Pledge to End Racism program throughout the South, Unitarian Universalist congregations can have a recognizable impact on the rise in racial tensions and division and can play an essential part in building stronger communities imbued with justice, equity, and compassion.

For more information about the Pledge to End Racism program and workshops, please see this printable call letter: Pledge to End Racism Chalice Lighters call letter.

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